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What is Cottagecore Décor? All About the Latest Design Trend

by Pam Silvia

What is Cottagecore Décor?

Allow us to paint a picture.

Crochet doilies on every table surface. Lovingly constructed quilts thrown over cozy chairs. Statuettes of woodland creatures all over your dishware cabinet. And dried flower bouquets hung near your entryway. You can escape without fleeing your home, thanks to cottagecore design.

Staking its origins in social media forums of the early 2010s, the term “cottagecore” (and the fairytale aesthetic that comes with it) has recently reawakened a subculture that ripples across our optical Instagram Explore pages and Twitter feeds.

In light of the current global state, the thought of transforming our surroundings with quaint pleasantries from the days of yore sounds alluring. Along with the cutesy home accents we previously described, cottagecore can be easily evoked through a soft color palette, country- and antique-style furniture, and kitschy patterns. 

To learn more about how you can furnish a cozy home that rivals that of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, read on! Whose cottagecore house is the fairest of them all? (Pssst, it could be yours.)

Most Similar to These Design Trends…

It might help to contextualize this trend against other established styles. These comparisons may even help you learn what keywords to look out for as you’re scrolling through furniture and homeware catalogs. With that in mind, here are some key interior-design terms in relation to cottagecore décor:

Shabby Chic

The best way to sum up shabby chic is through a checklist. Faded floral patterns everywhere? Check. Scalloped lampshades? Check. Frilly bed skirts and sink skirts? Double check. In addition to these granny-like furnishings, cottagecore décor and shabby chic design are similar in that they foster a lived-in look on purpose. Humble antiques in the form of excessive knickknacks and kitschy art will have you hitting the nail on the head.

Rustic Chic

Rustic chic and cottagecore meet in the middle when it comes to making something old feel new again. With an emphasis on modernization, adhering to either trend means evoking nostalgia without being behind the times: shopping for what looks vintage rather than what is vintage.

Modern Farmhouse

While cottagecore leans more country than industrial, modern farmhouse accents that are present in cottagecore décor mainly include reclaimed wood, shiplap paneling, and white paint. Antique finds like an apron sink, barn-style lighting, and rocking chairs suit both styles, as well.

Color Palette

In line with the idea that cottagecore elicits a feeling of comfort, soft colors on everything from wall paint to flooring is considered a given. Not only are light hues less jarring to the eyes, but they also give the illusion of open space and airiness, making even a small room appear larger and less congested.

Besides white and off-white shades, pastels and dusty neutrals are steadfast color staples. And when it comes to furniture, some cottagecore enthusiasts have taken to wood dressers, bookcases, entertainment centers, cabinets, and side tables painted in unconventional yet soothing colors like mint blue and sage green.

And of course, we have patterns, which are more than welcome in cottagecore-style homes. Picnic blankets, Calico floral fabrics, and quilted patterns are considered usual suspects.

Home Furnishings and Accents

If you’re partial to fairytale cottages and homestead living, then you already have two sources of inspiration to furnish your own home. Popular cottagecore décor includes dried flowers, dainty tea sets, sheer drapery, lace tablecloths, botanical motifs, nature-referencing art, and lots and lots of ceramic figurines. 

In terms of furniture, we recommend taking inspiration from both country and vintage styles. Think rocking chairs, entryway benches, and antique-style armchairs with an upholstered back and an exposed wood frame. For your dining room, we recommend flanking all sides of your reclaimed-wood table with a hodge-podge assortment of country-style chairs.

Most importantly, as you shop for your furniture and home accents, keep in mind that, while kitsch and mix-and-match designs are encouraged in your living spaces, you should be creating harmony through contrast. This is why sticking to a core color palette is important.

And remember to stick to the mantra “clutter with a purpose.” That’s what cottagecore décor is on the surface, after all.

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